Private Yoga Instruction


Held in the privacy of your own home, or in Cara's warm and welcoming office, private yoga sessions are an amazing way to connect to your personal power, experience the multiple benefits of yoga, and practice living with intention.  If you are brand new to yoga, or if you want to advance your existing practice, Cara can tailor a private yoga session to best meet your needs.  

Benefits of private yoga instruction:
-Learn how to practice with safety, knowledge, and breath
-Gain confidence in how to care for an injury or health issue
-Experience the benefits of an individually- tailored yoga practice
-Utilize prenatal yoga to connect with your baby and changing body
-Explore the poses that challenge you in community classes in a supportive environment
-Enjoy the safety of individual attention while addressing your physical and emotional needs

Private yoga instruction per 75 minute session: $150
($100 for students or school teachers)

Yoga Therapy


Yoga therapy is a gentle yet effective tool toward trasnformation and growth.  This therapeutic approach offers a way to explore the relationship between your mind, your body and your life in a private and individualized context.  By combining contemporary psychotherapy with yoga techniques, yoga therapy facilitates the release of physical, mental and emotional tension.  

Clients find yoga therapy beneficial for a wide variety of physical and emotional symptoms as well as day-to-day challenges, including:
- Chronic pain and body dissatisfaction
- Healing from traumatic experiences (accidents; physical, sexual, emotional abuse; etc.) 
- Life transition support (divorce, break-ups, new job, moving, etc.) 
- Stress/anxiety/depression reduction
- Recovery from an eating disorder

Yoga therapy offers a powerful and safe space to enhance wellbeing, regardless of your body type, fitness level, or physical condition.  No experience in yoga is necessary to fully benefit from this approach.   For more information about yoga therapy, call or email today to schedule a free 20 minute consultation session.

Community Classes


Cara teaches yoga classes with a wholehearted presence, confidence, and compassion. Her passion for yoga and enthusiasm for teaching are evident in her energetic, dynamic, and intentional style. Cara's classes weave intention, breath, and poses together in a creative, balanced, and flowing sequence. She provides a supportive, challenging, and welcoming class environment where you are encouraged to explore your edge, discover your strength, and awaken your spirit!

Practice with Cara at Kula Yoga on Main:
Vinyasa and Vino (All levels) -- Select Fridays -- 6:15-7:30pm

Find the Kula Yoga on Main schedule at

Cara is also a lead trainer for Kula Yoga Teacher Training- call for more information!