Cara does not post testimonials from confidential counseling clients. The following testimonials are from her adult wellness education workshops.

Cara is not only a kind, compassionate and genuine human being ...but she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to meditation and yoga asanas. I had the pleasure of taking my 200 yoga teacher training from her and not only was she able to keep us on target and always organized but she was able to connect with everyone on an intimate level and to round it off she has great sense of humor.
— Jill L.

Cara is a skilled group leader. She led a multi-week yoga training, where I learned yoga instruction and life skills. Cara was particularly good at conveying complex ideas with understandable terms. Her ability to take her students to a place of reflection and effective introspection is a sign of leadership. My training was greatly influenced by her knowledge and communication skills.
— Marci K.

Her thoughts, words and actions are in alignment and are about growth, purpose, and generosity. She comes from a loving perspective and is wise and graceful beyond her years. Simply put, Cara is one in a million.
— Jennifer G.